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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 8, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> brian rodriguez and noel ferrera were run down by the police in a speeding and out-of-control car last saturday night. >> we are here supporting them. >> athe story of four cuban refugees. after risking everything for the american dream. >> thousands of cubans sitting idly in costa rica. >> of a happy? >> superior county court for hearing on david kiryat of junior being charged in the murder of his very own son. >> tough in the situation. >> tragedy. tragedy. >> thirteen young friends
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sidewalk are run down. tragic astragic as no caps description. friends and family are often rendered helpless. >> painful for their families. here supporting them. >> brian rodriguez and noel herrera or rundownwere run down by what police say was a speeding and out-of-control car last saturday night as they walked down the boulevard a block away from union city high school. it in the incident suffering numerous injuries according to police who had that his condition has been upgraded to stable. more in place. north bergen law enforcement announced interest of the driver eric patterson. >> charged with two counts
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2nd degree. >> the vehicle speed was well over 70 miles per hour. officials so that the suspect had numerous prior speeding tickets and law enforcement continues to await the toxicology report. remaining under investigation. >> my daughter went to high school. told me a couple times they almost center. >> also pointing out that kennedy boulevard was originally designed for horses and buggies. thousands of summons have been issued just over the last month in order to try to keep these down on the boulevard. other cop said that we have
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slow ourselves down. >> a residential boulevard. transverse the roadway ask mrs. speeds. >> yes, this is tragic. bill: "high speed chase", a puppy, a dog, the playground. >> check out what i ran
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>> going down group 109 south. held up traffic going both ways for about 20 minutes. what was originally thought to be a trump fire. a really just looks like a big pile of rubble. >> take a look at this. discovered february 27 under the sea off the coast of light. picking off and internet debate on whether the future is cuter terrifying. >> what is the american dream? [speaking in native tongue]
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and give her new life. >> this is the story of four cuban refugees aged 26 to 56 now living in union new jersey. after risking everything for the american dream they began the journey in november planning to take advantage of a 1966 immigration law the united states allowing cuban refugees sustain america for one year. >> moving across the border driving in a columbiathe columbia and then panama until getting stuck for two months in costa rica. >> they're and costa rica among the thousands of cuban
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one new jersey dr.. >> make a difference. 150 kilos of the united states. and is not done yet. >> hearing your pressure. >> beginning a new relationship with cuba reopening the us embassy. better than ever. according to those i spoke to the only thing change in cuba is the amount of money expected to go to the castro
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>> nothing is changed. >> i admire president obama for what he did. have received anything in return. >> of a happy? >> unlike thousands. came here over the years but the conditions of the solicitor happy cuba is just a nightmare. >> i went to the court for
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junior. october 13 of his body was found. >> i just woke up. >> david walked in, looked a little different. been in jail for quite a while. wearing glasses.glasses. market with his head chat -- it down. they don't know exactly what happened. >> the defense and prosecution spoke about
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media over 10,000 text messages. >> how's the family doing? >> very, very tough to be in the situation. now they are fighting for their son's life. >> how are you guys feeling moving forward? >> cautious always. >> thank you very much. >> a pretrial hearing which will be the date that we figure out exactly when and if we're going to trial in this case. >> spring is in the air.
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teaming up. seventy hands of behind-the-scenes look. using this thing like a selfie stick that use -- looks like a baseball bat. friday march 11. a bunch of people have been drinking since a.m. he was disturbed by the issues that arose. former college football player for allegedly breaking the city officers ribs and dislocating another shoulder. this past more than 200 officers. bill: welcome back to
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turkey season. >> perky -- turkey thigh potpie. it is all organic and mainly the turkey has no antibiotics. hormones or any of that stuff. bill: how hard it is to hunt? >> these are difficult. teesix what is the call you make. >> you are acting like a hand. bill: and there you go. >> it is of the liver to solve the that many of us face.
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>> it is a dilemma that many of us face and when i bumped into at the walmart in kearny. you have to park all the way back here in the middle of the day at walmart. >> i drove around for about 30 minutes. if you want to park a mile away that is on you. a little bit closer in the middle of the afternoon, tough call.
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the day. >> i found the perfect parking spot. it was a handicap parking spot. >> that is handicapped. partner. >> i gave up on it. then i headed into the heart of kearny where there is a parking problem everywhere. i spoke with the owner of the 409 bar and grill is set for her it hurts business. >> the biggest complaint is that they had a hard time finding parking. they leave their cars and parking space it might not be a proper one. >> but get this, now there is an ordinance on the table that would actually put the shoe on the other foot for some drivers, disabled drivers, city councilwoman
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disabled drivers inand residential areas where they have a spot designated for them will be fined $100 if they take up a regular parking spot. >> not using your spot in front of your house on the residential streets. >> let me understand the ordinance that if you have a designated handicap spot near your home and are within 200 feet or so of your home and can take up yet another spot knowing that no one else parking your spot your effectively taking up two spots. >> is because you have a handicap car doesn't mean you're not a member of the general population anymore. you want to park somewhere else, you can. this will stand up constitutionally. >> maybe they should be a little stricter on who they hand out the permits two. >> a lot of people take advantage of it. >> are all agree the bar ought to be set a little bit
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>> a public hearing will take place tuesday march 8. >> i am here in somerville were one of new jersey's most notorious unsolved mysteries may have caused a change. this is michael roberts the new prosecutor was sworn in today after his predecessor was consumed in controversy over the deaths of john jewish sheridan, new jersey power couple found dead in the burning home on september 28. the person who made the decision of the top as governor chris christie. governor chris christie. i asked him why he did it. >> did not say his decision had anything to do with the former prosecutor's decision a murder suicide. also said they did not have
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i had asked the governor what he thought happen. >> his 1st day culminated with the swearing-in ceremony at the old courthouse in downtown somerville. >> i know now. any upcoming days. my goal always be open. >> a prosecutor declined comment after swearing in the says he will be making comments in the near future. possibly reopening the investigation as the sons of asked for, to see if something was missed the 1st time around. >> known for his roles.
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>> welcome to "dish nation." ladies and gentlemen, today is a big day. guess why? >> why? >> why? >> porsha williams is back! >> yea! >> woo woo woo woo woo. >> i missed y'all. >> we missed you more! >> i've been good. i feel like i've been on a superlong maternity leave. . so nice to have you back. >> thank you. i almost didn't recognize you with your new nose. >> yes, yes. >> you got a new nose? >> yes. well, kind of. kind of. you know, i was in beverly hills, so i just had to -- >> had to party. >> when in rome, you know what i mean? so i went to dr. simon at epion center. he's a cosmetologist. he did a cool lasering system on my skin. >> all right, girl. >> my nose, you couldn't really tell. but it was like a little bit crooked.


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